Built-In Induction Stove 4 Burners

Built-In Induction Stove 4 Burners


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Operating the 4 cooking zones is easy via the touch control and the slider on the front of the plate. All 4 cooking zones are equipped with a power booster to heat up your pans extra quickly. The hob itself detects whether there is a pan on the zone and also switches off automatically when the pan is removed. The residual heat indicator shows after cooking whether the zone is still warm. Safe, but also nice to keep a sauce warm until the rest of the meal is ready. With the timer you set when a cooking zone can switch off, so that burning is a thing of the past.


  • Measurements: 52cm x 77cm x 6cm
  • Power Supply: 220V/ 50Hz

Technical details

  • Timer
  • ChildLock
  • Touch Controls


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